Two For One

If youíre looking to get out on Friday night (or anytime in the next month or so) hereís your opportunity to combine entertainment and a good cause. Thereís a play, “Duet for One” opening this Friday at the Hudson Guild Theater in Hollywood. Itís about a world-class female concert violinist, and her struggle to maintain sanity after she contracts Multiple Sclerosis at the pinnacle of her career. The playís action takes place after her diagnosis and through a series of sessions with her psychiatrist. Given the advances that are imminent with stem cell research, this play is very topical.
It stars Annunziata Gianzero and Bill Bradshaw. Mark Wilkinson, a friend whoís a hot indie film director is directing the piece. There’s a party after Friday’s show…with an open bar & food, I might add!
All proceeds from the gala opening night benefit, and profits from the run of the show, will be donated to the MS Society of Southern California.