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  1. Who the hell would care to count? BTW, most of Martini Republic is about national politics; the Kevin stuff is in a sidecar, “Angelenoblog.” (He actually made me laugh today, though, with the old Olympic Auditorium’s phone number–I’m sure “five-four-six-seven Wishire Boulevard” is just around the corner). You can bet, though, that anytime Kevin tries to humiliate another vital City Hall blogger, we’ll take the side of the underdog, not the side of the local playground bully. Maybe if your site weren’t so nakedly commerical you would choose the same.

    Anyway, Sean Blogger, I don’t have the gumption to tally things here, but I would bet, for instance, five of your last ten posts have been about driving on freeways. Zzzzzz. Let me know when you actually take a bus some day.

  2. Joseph, like Cindy pointed out, it’s great to hear what we’re doing that pleases you.

    There are some wonderful posts that go uncommented and without trackbacks on this site. The people who post those things end up thinking that no one cared about it and don’t post on those topics again.

    We have several of the members of this site who are either carless or regular users of alternate transportation. Perhaps they’re not posting about it because it’s not remarkable enough for commentary here.

    As for your comment directed at Sean, it’s sad to think that the lives of people who drive cars are unworthy in your eyes. You can scoff at those who measure others by the cars that they drive – but judging others by the fact that they drive them at all seems just as superficial.

  3. Cybele, I don’t begrudge people their cars at all, although I do wish that people would squeeze in a few more public transit episodes every now and then. Here at blogging.la, I guess I find the car culture posts as tedious as some find my LAObserved posts at MartiniRepublic.

    But alas as you say it’s indeed easy for me to scoff at Sean these days, especially for linking a libellous post of Roderick’s on me without even permitting me any kind of defense at all in his link. I thought it was, even beyond the usual johnny-no-stars ass-kissing of the local wannabe playground bully, kinda outright dirtbaggy. Sean seemed only too anxious to spread libellous comments, even without any interest in proferring anything at all from the libelled party. I privately asked him to remedy this, but Sean just let it stand. That’s when I learned pretty much everything I need to know about the character of Sean Bonner, whose only response to any criticism is to meow like a pussy, as we see in this very thread.

  4. Mack, those are simply my opinions. You offer dozens of opinions yourself, every day. What’s so noble about the way you do it?

  5. Joseph:

    You have NO understanding of the character of Sean; you couldn’t be more off the mark — and I’ve know Sean longer than you can ever hope to!

    Nor have you ANY idea of what he has grown through in his lifetime.

    Ass-kissing, local wannabe, playground bully, dirtbag? HA…. you are so pathetically off the mark I can’t even begin to retort.

    But, I suppose you’ve had some deprivation in your life which leaves you a tad bitter.

    My advice… Get OVER it!

  6. Wow, this looks fun. For the record Joseph sent me an e-mail about the post in question and asked me to remove it because he had problems with it. I told him I didn’t remove posts but he was more than happy to post any further info or his opinions or counter points or anything in the comments and open that aspect up for discussion. How morally corrupt of me. Since Joseph never comments I assumed the issue didn’t matter that much.

    And Joseph, I was calling YOU a pussy either. Having to spell that out makes is so much less funny. Jeez, way to be a buzzkill.

  7. You assumed way wrong. I didn’t comment then–and indeed made the request to remove privately through email–precisely because it would be completely stupid of me to call any more attention to a post I considered libellous myself. Why should I promote my own libel?

    But now that some bilious water has passed under the bridge and more people can more readily see that the award-winning Kevin Roderick can be just as big an asshole as anyone else (this latest tattle-on-MayorSam episode, for instance, was pathetic to lots of eyeballs), I am far less reticent to talk about the earlier episode. His slime is far less credible now that he’s acting in a vindictive way more often.

    And no, I didn’t like you linking that early post at all. I still don’t. It was completely capricious and irresponsible of you.

    But hey, that’s too somber. If you want to make this fun, why don’t you explain yourself with the Singularist stuff? I don’t understand the promotion of a soon-to-be-abandonned satire-blog at all. It certainly looks like another low road; it looks like blogging.la is yet again gleefully party to the mocking another local blog in their same competitive clutter. If you had to link to Singularist, it would have been better, say, also to invite Jason to give his reaction in your post; that might have been a little classier.

    But I think that judging from the responses here that your writers may even be coming to expect this kind of thing by now. They’re getting conditioned to these shitstorms. If it’s intentional, good luck with the new strategy.

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