McFlurry Rage

Perhaps not as exciting as the recent intra-LA blog drama, I had my own little shit storm this afternoon. It all started innocently enough. Driving down 101, temps fluctuating between 60 and 108! I decided it was time for ice cream right about the Madonna Inn. My house mate and I stopped to gawk at the pink and pink and pink. Did I mention Pink?

I couldn’t stomach eating ice cream in such a pink environment so we meandered down the road looking for a frosty treat. No luck. Grover Beach? No luck. Pismo Beach? No luck. Finally I give up and stop at a McDonalds – a place I very rarely frequent and order an Oreo McFlurry at the drive-up. As we’re heading down the road I notice that they have just put a dusting of Oreo powder on the top 1/4 inch and that the deeper I probe my spoon into the frosty completely processed treat the less Oreo I see. We pass by another McD and I get this idea. I stop and go in to explain their mistake and ask them to make me a new one with an acceptable amount of Oreo dust. They look at me like I am crazy and tell me they canít do this. It is beyond their comprehension to fix a problem their colleagues just down the street have made. They obviously donít know that the customer is always right. Thatís fine. Iím going to look up their corporate number tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “McFlurry Rage”

  1. I hate that certain chains of fast food makes all foodservice look bad. It’s usually McDonald’s too. I work in a chain restaurant type place and we have a policy to just make everything right for the customer. If something like this were to happen to us we would replace it without question.

    I could use an effing McFlurry… mmmm

  2. Did you explain the mistake as one they (the second McD) made or did you explain that it was another McDs that had failed you?

  3. I explained that it was the first store that screwed up. They were completely unwilling to help me out. Could be that they were having trouble understanding my English, though.

  4. Aren’t most McDonalds franchised, i.e. mostly independently owned/operated? Could explain the ‘completely unwilling to help me out’ part. I dunno, just asking…

  5. I suppose they just could have done it, but what kind of pain in the ass are you? huh? huh?

  6. That’s certainly a downer, but since when was Mc Donalds known for it’s outstanding customer service?

    I feel like I’ve been kinda rude/trollish commenting here for a few months without saying hi or anything. So I apologize and… Hello! I’m relatively new to LA (2 years or so), but blogs like this are by far one of the best ways for people like me to learn more about their city. So keep up the great work…

  7. Haven’t you heard, McDonald’s no longer “super sizes” any of its food items? It’s a health risk if they do! A sprinkling of OREO cookie dust is most likely their attempt at trying to curb obesity in America. From that perspective, they were doing you a favor by cutting your calorie/fat intake. At any rate, the BEST ice cream treat from a fast food vendor is the Frostie, which is only available at Wendy’s. Next time, give that frozen treat a try. Enjoy!

  8. What you gotta do is say that your friend picked it up for you and it was made wrong. They can’t prove it’s not true, and they’ll just remake it. I do this quite a bit at Starbucks, which has gone to such a downhill slope that I regularly have them remake my drink 2-3 times before it’s so much as drinkable. Customer service in everything has gone to shit the past few years.

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