Rock Prendido

cafetacuba.jpg One of the best advantages of living in a city like Los Angeles is that we get the best artists and bands of the thriving rock en espaÒol scene. They also visit other cities with smaller Latino populations, but the visits are less frequent and they may only perform on one night. LA Latinos get their picks of incredible acts.

This Saturday and Sunday some of Mexico’s finest of the rock en espaÒol scene will be in Southern California. CafÈ Tacuba, described by some as the “Mexican Beatles” will headline the Coors Light-sponsored (rather ironic) Rock Prendido 2005 shows at the Anaheim House of Blues on Saturday and the Gibson Amphitheater on Sunday.

CafÈ Tacuba is arguably Mexicoís greatest rock band. For over 15 years they have redefined what Mexican rock should sound like and consistently produced excellent music. Their music covers classic themes like love, loss, and struggle. However, they also give a glimpse of what life in the world’s most populated city is like, discuss Mexico’s colonial history, resistance, progress, industrialization, and various other themes relevant to Latin America. One of the reasons I love CafÈ Tacuba so much is because their music is as Mexican as you can get. It’s mixed, with indigenous, European, Latin American and American styles.

Kinky, a much younger band from Monterrey, will also perform both nights. I like them too, but not with the same enthusiasm as CT. The mixture of typical Mexican music combined with rock is much more interesting to me than electronica with Latin rhythms.

If you have tickets to the sold-out Anaheim HOB show, I’ll see you there. I’ll be the Chicana going crazy during “Chica Banda” and spinning around wildly to “Las Flores.” Good luck finding me.

Beach Bash this weekend… But Where?

Last week I posted about Halley’s Venice Beach Blog Bash she’s trying to put together this weekend. The “when” has been solidified, 12 Noon on the spot, but “where” is still up in the air. This morning Halley put the specific location details in my hands by asking:

“you’d be the man to give us a
landmark place to meet for our Sunday Venice Beach
Bloggers bash location. I don’t remember exactly the
best place to congregate. My back is still hurting
so make it easy access, I’m not in for some long

Which would be great, except I’ve never been to the beach. I’ve driven past it once or twice, but growing up in Florida and getting burned to death most days of the summer as a kid I kind of avoid the beach at all costs these days. So, where exactly to meet? I know J.Sto is all about the beach so I passed the buck off to her and she says:

“I don’t know Venice at all. I’m more of a Palisades/Malibu swimmer. And a
little south bay when it comes to beach parties. Maybe the site will have info:

In the past, for beach parties, we usually meet between two lifeguard
stands. (They are numbered.) I’m just not sure which two to tell you to
pick/where the good parking/volleyball nets etc are. You can also e-mail the LA Co lifeguards at captcan[AT] –
If you position the party question right then the capn will answer it. He
is helpful like that.”

So… we’ve got no location. Anyone know Venice Beach well enough to pick a landmark spot that everyone can meet up at easily?

Independence Day Fireworks Lineup

If you haven’t already made plans, or want to make additional ones for a full weekend filled with pretty explosives, Los Angeles County has posted their exhuastive (though probably not complete) list of public fireworks displays.

Check it out here. Personally, I’ll be up on the roof on Sunday night to enjoy the show courtesy of Dodger Stadium.

This Week’s Mystery Photo Contest Winner

I know, I know… it’s a bit of a let down to go from having a prize as cool as a pair of tix to next Wednesday’s Video Games Live, to one as “2004” as a sticker lampooning Duhbya, but whadya want for nuthin’…. rrrrrrrrubber biscuit? Bow bow bow.

And at least I stumped Mack “Daddy” Reed.

But I didn’t stump this week’s randomly selected winner Rosemary, who alleges to be in a relationship with the eye-catching installation’s creators. Relax, their just pals. She writes, “It’s at Materials Research on Silver Lake Blvd. near the 7-Eleven. My two friends from SCI-Arc (Gaston Nogues and Ben Ball) built it. It’ll be up there all summer. It’s called Maxmillian’s Schell.” Indeed, it is Rosemary. Indeed. It. Is.

tinytush.jpgThe next Mystery Photo Contest will happen Tuesday July 5 (winner of announced July 8). And yes, I promise to try and go out and get pix from places other than greater Silver Lake because I know there’s a great big city out there that all y’all live in. But I’m not saying when that will be.

Downtown Streets Closings due to Inauguration

I know this info probably would have been more helpful yesterday or maybe even early this morning but NBC 4 just posted it and passing it along now so deal with it. There’s several streets still closed for a few more hours so staying away could help.

  • From 5 to 10 a.m., the curb lane on the south side of Temple Street between Grand Avenue and Hill Street will be closed.
  • From 5 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the curb lane on the north side of First Street between Spring and Main streets will be closed.
  • From 5 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Main Street will be shut down between First and Spring streets.
  • From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., First Street between Spring and Main streets will be closed.
  • From 8:40 to 10 a.m., Temple Street will be closed between Grand Avenue and Spring Street.
  • From 8:40 a.m. to 11 a.m., Spring Street will be closed between Temple and First streets.

311? Who knew?

Our new cyber neighbors over at losanjealous just posted about how silly it is that we have all these different 3 digit phone codes for different services – the latest of those being 399 for MTA roadside assistance. They ask why not just have one number that would be much easier to remember for any and all non-life threatening emergencies, such as 311, so people wouldn’t have to have a phone book on hand to look up which 3 digit quick dial number applied to their situation. Turns out, we already have one.

“>UPDATE: Brian from the LAFD reports that the City of Los Angeles has had a 311 system since November 2002. It’s time to get the word out. Graffiti removal, bee control, Christmas tree recycling, taking down shoes from utility lines, permits, Japanese Garden rental and more are just three digits away.”

Wow, that’s news to me. Although perhaps it shouldn’t be because it looks like it’s been discussed in the comments here before as well. Additionally, at least back in December of ’04 there were a few issues with some mobile phone carriers, which means depending on where your problem was, if you only had a cell phone you couldn’t use this number. That might be rectified now but I don’t know, however the back up number is 1-866-4LACITY and that works with everything.

More: Looks like 5000! covered this as well as a ton of other service numbers back in October of ’04. Good thing I check the archives so throughly before posting about stuff like this.