Weird Mods

I’m all for customizing your own car. After all, it’s yours. But some of the stuff people do to their cars is just baffling.

I saw this pickup on the 101 driving back from Santa Barbara yesterday:


Yes, that’s a pickup truck with a spoiler. I’m not quite sure how they get stuff in and out of the bed of the truck with that big bar across it. They can put things in under it or over it, but I can’t see how they’d load something in there like a refrigerator. Maybe it’s supposed to keep their friends from asking them to help move.

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  1. I know Dodge makes a stock sport truck with a spoiler, and yes, not practical for hauling things but these trucks are made for speed, so not even their stiff lowered suspension is good for carrying heavy items.

  2. In my book, if a mod has any practical purpose, it is not an appropriate mod. That includes case mods to computers. The sole purpose of mod is to look good. And though something may look like total crap to you and me, somebody out there is looking at it and saying, Damn, I think I’ll mod my own ride/case using elements of that mod I’ve just observed.

    In this instance, note that he modder has decreased the functionality of the bed of the truck not only by putting the spoiler on it, but also by replacing the stock bumper with that flush one with the dinky taillights. So he now has nothing to step up one should he need to reach into the bed of the truck for something. He’s a purist. In my mod-ranking system, he gets big bonus points for going that extra mile to ensure that functionality is decreased as much as possible to make things look right.

    By the way, I think you made a typo in the second sentence of your story. You wrote baffling but I think perhaps you meant barfling.

  3. Sadly, most pickup truck beds spend 99-100% of their life totally empty. Don’t forget that the purpose of driving a pickup or SUV is about illusions of manliness or style for many people, not about being able to transport things.

  4. I understand how people would want to personalize their cars here in LA, where cars are such a big part of the culture. But why do the mods have to be so tacky? People seem more interested in making their cars more noticeable rather than look better.

  5. Sadly, this truck is bone stock! It’s a SRT10 Dodge Ram truck. Talk about a mid-life crisis type vehicle (“But Honey, I need a pickup for going to Home Depot on the weekend to work on the house!”)

    Anybody noticed that the Dodge “Ram Tough” logo looks a lot like a diagram of the female reproductive system? How weird is that!

  6. Jeremy’s off. It’s a Ford F-150 (notice the taillight pattern and the BLUE OVAL on the passenger side of the tailgate). I can’t tell if it’s a regular cab truck though. Here’s what the SRT-10 looks like:×1440.htm

    This mod is pretty funny because it’s got the “Corvette” rollpan with spots for four taillights… which of course then is unnecessary since the Ford already has got taillights on the side. Perhaps, this fella is in the middle of his project. He could end up shaving the taillights and putting in the Corvette-ish lights instead. Oh yeah, I just noticed that the rear wing (or spoiler if you would rather call it that) has got an LED bar as well. That’s a lot of places for lights.

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