Ok, this is kind of an OC post, but…

…it always scares me when I hear of rides closing down at the Magic Kingdom because there was an accident and people were hurt. I always imagined those rides to be safe-safe-safe. I heard there was an accident this weekend and thought back to some of the rides that are no longer around due to safety issues. My favorite of the rides of yore are the Sky Baskets. I miss those things.

Disney Roller Coaster Remains Closed After Accident

15 People Treated For Injuries

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The “California Screamin”‘ roller coaster at Disney’s California Adventure theme park in Anaheim remained closed Saturday while authorities try to determine what caused one train to rear-end another Friday night.

Emergency crews treated 15 riders injured. [full story]

One thought on “Ok, this is kind of an OC post, but…”

  1. They want you to believe they’re safe, otherwise no one would be on them. I forget where I looked, but I was doing research for a project once, and by googling a bunch of stuff, I ended up finding reports of *every* accident sustained at a California Disney-run amusement park, and you’d be appalled at how many people lose toes, fingers, and even whole hands and feet on their rides. Seriously- it was disgusting to read about it. And it wasn’t a fake site, either, it was some health company’s report. Scary stuff.

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