The Great LA Social Experiment

This kind of dove-tails Cindyís post about getting to know your neighborsÖ.
About three weeks ago, I decided that I was far to wrapped up in my own narrow little world and needed to be more social. I see myselfÖand lots of other peopleÖwho go about their day never smiling, never reaching out to make contact with others, even in the smallest way. So I decided I would break that chain and make more of an effort to smile when I saw a stranger instead of looking away when our eyes met in the grocery store. To say ‘hello’ to that interesting guy in yoga who always practices right behind me. To wave at my neighbor when we were both driving down the hill.
And guess what! It was really eye-opening! You canít believe the wonderful flash of beauty on an old womanís face as her eyes light up when she smiles back at you. The relief to make contact, even briefly, seems to fit for most people. My experience showed me that people want to share a smile, it somehow makes us more human.
Oh…and single women alert: While this wasnít geared to picking up guysÖ I had an unusual number of males strike up conversations and give me their number, which doesn’t usually happen in this city. One guy who I smiled at in the check-out counter at Trader Joes and then forgot about, walked up to me as I was leaving and asked me out for a drink. When we talked a bit I said, ìNow why are you asking me out?î He told me that so few women in LA are friendly, that when a normal woman smiles itís like a wind-fall of love! Funny.
In any case, Iíve decided we are all too removed in this isolated culture and reaching out canít hurt! Iíve sure had a good time with it…

3 thoughts on “The Great LA Social Experiment”

  1. Sure I did. He was good looking, practiced Buddhism…right up my alley. Unfortunately, he got shit-faced drunk when we met for a cocktail (I had two, he had six at the two for one happy hour we went to). He then proceeded to get angry that I wouldn’t kiss him good-bye. I high-tailed outta there. Oh well.

  2. I noticed a while back that a simple smile and a wave really goes a long way in my neighborhood. There’s this little man on a neighboring street that I occasionally see walking his little ginger pomeranian dog. He waves at everyone who goes by whether he knows them or not. It totally brightens my day get a wave from this little man occasionally, and I wonder if he knows he has this effect on the neighbors.

    I totally want to go by his house and bring him cookies or something. Wonder if his family would think that weird?

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