Cirque Berzerk

If you’re in the mood to see a bunch of self-described circus freaks performing death-defying acts with fire, trapezes, and random killer clowns, then you’ll definitely want to check out Cirque Berzerk’s performance tonight. They’re doing a fundraiser to help them get a tent at Burning Man. My pal Amanda will be there doing some sort of performance with wings attached to her back, most likely clad in something made of latex. If you see her, touch her bum and tell her my big brother Shawn told you to. She loves that.

If you miss tonight’s freakshow, there’s another one at Abundant Sugar next weekend. I highly recommend checking them out and can personally vouch that the clowns will not, in fact, eat you.

Tonight’s show is at 7070 Santa Monica Blvd and starts at 10 pm.