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Earlier today a friend asked me if LA has ice cream trucks, and I realized I’ve never seen one in the year or so I’ve been here. I haven’t heard even one ice cream truck jingle since I moved out of Brooklyn.

I live in a residential part of North Hollywood/Universal City that seems like it would be pretty ice cream friendly — my building alone has tons of kids. So what’s up? Are the trucks hanging out in other neighborhoods? Or are they just not as popular here as they are in New York?

I searched the archive for clues, but I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to run into the free ice cream guy anytime soon. It doesn’t have to be free, though. I’d happily hand over $2 (maybe even $3?) for a small chocolate cone dipped in chocolate, if I had any idea where to go.

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  1. when i lived in north hollywood (near the camarillo/vineland/lankershim intersection), there was an ice cream truck that came through the neighborhood during the summer. it had the coolest music system – it sounded like the speaker was under water.

    there’s also the guys who push around the little ice cream carts, which i’ve seen mostly in the areas around the north hollywood station.

  2. They’re all over the place here in Eagle Rock and Highland Park. I’ve seen two on the same street on several occasions. It always makes me wonder if there’s about to be an ice cream shootout.

  3. Jim: i usually take the Metro from Universal City, and I’ve never seen any guys with carts near there. Maybe I’ll have to venture up to the North Hollywood stop.

    Dave: Mmm…ice cream shootout. That would be totally fun as long as it’s soft-serve. Popsicles would hurt.

  4. They’re all over Venice and Santa Monica, EVERYWHERE – about twice a day on my street. So if you’re ever down this way, just walk Abbott Kinney Blvd. and listen for the bells (or recorded music, on some), and run them down on the nearest sidestreet.

  5. We’ve got one here in the neighborhood near Santa Monica and Overland. He seems to come by around 4 PM and whenever I have a migraine.

  6. There are two or three in my neighborhood as well. One of them is awesome – his truck is ancient and some of the signs for the ice cream he’s selling are written by hand. I think I’ll run out there and get something the next time he comes by.

  7. they are seriously overrunning east hollywood and the little armenia area. if you really have to get your fix, go to little armenia and wait a maximum of 30 seconds on any street. Any street.

    funny re: ice cream shootout above – the tinkling-truck presence is literally that thick in mid-to-east hollywood.

  8. Every so often, when my church has a picnic, we do it at a park that’s trafficked by an ice cream truck that plays Kenny G. No lie. It’s awesome.

  9. Last summer i remember a particular ice cream truck incident that was hilarious. I was just sitting in my room when i hear an ice cream truck playin the tetris song, some kind of chainsaw/weed wacker, and of course, to complete the perfect image…children screaming their heads off.

    It was incredibly funny and i’ve never quite heard that again.

  10. I’ve spotted paleteros (the guys who push the carts) in my neighborhood in Palms. I’ve never seen the ice cream trucks here though. Ahhh… the days of chasing down the ice cream man.

  11. Slightly unrelated topic: What song do you think of when you think of “ice cream truck music”?

    For me, it’s, “sailing, sailing, o’er the bounding main…”


  12. They’re all over HiFi. And not just doing business. Lots of people in the neighborhood (including my neighbors) seem to operate them. There’s one that always shows up parked at my neighbor’s place that’s painted dark blue and has Batman logos painted all over it.

  13. Here in Hollywood we get guys with little push carts with bells that sell the same things ice cream trucks sell.

    But I still prefer Bennett’s at the Farmer’s Market or Mashti Malone’s on Le Brea for some good ice cream.

  14. I’m in Studio City near Tujunga Village, and there are regular ice cream trucks around here. You can usually find one near Woodbridge Park on Moorpark just east of Tujunga.

    I’ve seen ice cream/frozen fruit bar carts in lots of places in North Hollywood, especially along Magnolia east of Vineland, around the Red Line subway terminal, Lankershim up toward Victory, and all along Sherman Way.

  15. They are all over Pedro. My favourite has a mural of an Alien on it. There’s are really cool one in Lawndale that’s an old trolley, that sells ice cream and toys.

    We’ve got the guys with thhe carts, too. Like Starbucks, sometimes you will see two or even three carts working opposite street corners, all within sight of one another.

  16. I live in Pasadena and work in Culver City. I see tons of Ice Cream trucks in both. I don’t mind the guy with the little cart, but I’ll never go near the unmarked white van that sells Ice Cream out of it’s side door. It’s just too creepy.

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