Zanzibar Metblog?

Not really. Just wanted to toss a shout out from the historic Tembo Hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar, where wife Susan and I arrived this Friday afternoon (about 10 hours ahead of L.A. time).

Almost two weeks into our African adventure and this is the first place we’ve found access to the internets (not to mention TV and newspapers). Trip is going grandly. We’ve hung out with mountain gorillas in Rwanda and seen elephant and lion and hippo and black rhino and leopard and cheetah and giraffe and zebra and wildebeest and everything else on the Serengeti and Lake Manyara and in the Ngorongoro Crater. I’ve even been bit by the dreaded tsetse fly (twice) to no ill effects (other than I’m suddenly using a lot of parentheticals).

Anyway, we’ll be here on the island for a couple more days before beginning the long trip back to Los Angeles next week.

3 thoughts on “Zanzibar Metblog?”

  1. Love Z-Bar, lived by the main Mosque for two months in a great little 400 year old pad decked out in mangrove poles.

    Two things: The club close to the Wings (the only Western style fast food outlet in Zanzibar) is hoppin’, most every night with locals and tourists.

    Second, do not pass up the opportunity to take a dala-dala to the South East coast and stay at Robinson’s Place. The South Eastern road to a villiage who’s name I can’t remember, then ask the locals, they’ll point you to it, a kilometer up the beach. Stay in a Robinson Family style bungalow, 20 feet off the ground next to the beach. Tell Eddie, the proprietor, that Tyson, Chande’s friend sent you.

    Have fun!

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