Singularist Launches!

la_mast.jpgDowntown blogger Eric Richardson has just launched an amazing service called Singularist, a site which makes the -ist collection of sites more readable by doing away with the annoying editorial “we.” Best part is, this is completely in line with the allowed usage according to the Creative Commons License the sites are published under, specifically that this is a non-commercial derivative work. You know, some days I really love the internets.

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  1. Josh: I had that sort of handling early on but ran into too many non pronoun uses of the __ist terms. I’d love to see someone with regular expression chops and some grammar skill figure out a good way to do that intelligently. -e;

  2. it’s true- it would have been nice if he had asked first, but since he’s reserving our content with the ads, we’re not mad about it.

    of course, it’s a pretty obvious idea- i would have done it as a greasemonkey plugin, rather than devoting the energy to buying the domain name and making a whole logo. to me, that suggests a guy with waaaay too much time on his hands.

  3. Jake, how much time do you have on your hands to run the most annoying blog network in the biz?

  4. Awesome! I love it when someone evokes the “way too much time on their hands” come back. So original! So thought provoking!!

    Actually, since he’s following your license to the letter, and it’s sure to give your ad numbers a boost, and you are making the money from it it would be pretty hard to find a reason to be mad about it. If anything, you should be thanking him, seems to me like someone just spent their own time and money to fix a bug on your sites. ;)

  5. like i said, we’re not putting up a fuss- everyone is entitled to their opinion, and he’s obviously a big fan of the sites to take so much time to put this together.

    i just wish we could all try to maintain positive focus- it’s just such a waste of energy to snipe and try to tear the other guy down. i mean, if you don’t like a site, don’t read it.

    the basic problem is that whole zero-sum game mindset- that if we do better, it somehow makes you do worse. it’s really just the opposite- everyone benefits from everyone else’s success. the more traffic metroblogs does, the more traffic gothamist gets- b/c people are reading city blogs- and that’s true vice-versa.

    so as i’ve said every single time bad blood has erupted: we wish you guys nothing but success- personally and as a site. sorry if that doesn’t fulfill your desire to start a whole big fight.

  6. Ha, this is funny. I also get annoyed by the “LAist thinks..” because the articles are signed! Isn’t that journalistic convetion reserved for unsigned articles? I never got that particular usage, even if it is proper.

    In any case, it’s all in good fun, and Laist and Gothamist are some of the only sites doing consistent local-ized content in the blogosphere.

  7. Maybe someone can build a greasemonkey plugin that alters the editorial voice of the _ists to anything other than a lobotimized grandma.

  8. yup, carol, that’s exactly the sort of negativity i was talking about- bravo. of course i want to respond in kind, but what’s the point? so again, nothing but the best.

  9. “we wish you guys nothing but success” – but you forgot to add the part where we’re not on any of your blogrolls. So much kindness and love, Jake.

  10. there’s no rule against linking to metroblogs- but it is up to the editors. i think some of that is just that you guys are always saying we suck. as an editor, i might not want to link to someone who was always being negative.

    i’m sure if you guys were a little more positive towards the ists, and linked to us, over a very short period relations between the sites would improve. i mean, if sean and i can appear on the same panel in person, and be perfectly polite and friendly, there’s no reason the same can’t be true online.

    i for one would love for there to be no bad blood between all of us.

  11. Jake Dobkin is a known psychopathic liar and near-dangerous lunatic. You would be wise not to take him seriously. He has gone out of his way to trash people in the past and suddenly he’s a born-again flowerchild when he’s suffering from public criticism. Ridiculous. Don’t believe his latest disguise. It’s disingenuous as all the other ones he’s hid under before.

  12. Jake, your totally innocent responses constantly surprise me. Funny thing is, I never even suggested there was a policy about not linking to us. Lord knows what has ever done to LAist to be taken off the blog roll. Regardless, I find your attempts at a nice guy online persona disgusting and you fabricated ideas of metroblogging always starting shit with you is astounding.

  13. Oh, and why are we even discussing this here and twisting it to meblogs? In case anyone is to dumb to figure it out – metblogs didn’t do this.

  14. hey- i understand your side of things. you guys think we started stuff, and we feel the same way. but we’re never going to move past it by calling each other names, or by putting up nasty comments. so i’m not going to fall into that trap any more.

    you can say whatever you like- post whatever you like- call me whatever names you like- but we’re going to be nothing but nice in return. hopefully, one day soon, you’ll see that we’re trying to do the best we can, and that we’re just regular, nice people, just like you.

  15. Thanks Carol, having met Jake in person, been on the receiving end of him totally loosing his shit over nothing via e-mail, and seen the public picture he tries to paint of himself it’s pretty clear you can’t trust a word out of the guys mouth. Although, I do think it’s pretty funny that he has such a reputation for this kind of thing that no less than 20 people contacted me this morning after I made this post all wondering how long it was going to take him to try and spin this into metblogs vs. ist. And then Bang! There it is.

    As for editorial decision on links, I wonder. Jason Tooney, are you reading this? I’d be interested in hearing from you directly if there’s no links on LAist to because of your own decision. You see, LAist is on the blogroll, we link to LAist stories if we find them interesting, and I’ve always had a friendly relationship with Jason so I’d be very surprised if he was the one enforcing a no link to policy.

  16. That’s it – who’s been spreading lies about me being a regular, nice person? That cannot stand!

    Wait, what? Oh . . . .

    Anyway – I’ve linked to -ist stuff. I’ve even hung out with an -ister. We have a nice -ister up here. But I’ve heard things . . . .

    Or should I say, we’ve heard things . . . .

  17. Jake, you’re a hilarious guy! Saying I called you names when I didn’t and that has started shit with you, that’s precious. Anyway, since we’re the same and your posts indicate what a completely sane person you are, I’ll give you a call next time I’m in New York and we’ll have drinks. Toodles!

  18. “we’re going to be nothing but nice in return”

    I already said I don’t believe a word this guy says and this is no different, but here’s the chance to proove me wrong. Jake, lets see links on all -ist sites to the Metblog in the same city. Lets see anytime -ist sites writes about a metblogs author or something they are doing (you are already doing that btw) the -ist site actually include the fact that they are metblog authors and link to the blogs. Lets see anything at all other than a comment on my site prooving that there’s no bad blood on your side of the fence. Because really you can say whatever you want in public, but the last few e-mails I got from you paint a very different picture.

  19. you know, that’s not actually a bad idea. i’m going to be in LA from the 9th-16th. to show there are no hard feelings, maybe we should all sit down for drinks. how about it sean- LAist,, me, you, caryn? let’s put this stuff to rest once and for all. i’ll even pay for the beer.

  20. What’s truly sad is that Jake Dobkin is incapable of recognizing the joke (Joke Dobkin? ha!) he has become. Caryn you’re right, his “new persona” is downright creepy. He sounds cult-like and you might be his Sharon Tate. I think we are witnessing the mental breakdown of an unstable person before our very eyes. This is just his demented version of the eerie calm before the storm but when Hurricane Jake hits land I pray that everyone has already evacuated that part of the blogosphere.

  21. I read both LAist and I have to say that suddenly I feel like I’m witnessing a bunch of 10 year olds fighting. Give it up already.

  22. Some healthy competition between the 3 major LA blogs is a good thing, I think… although this exchange doesn’t make anyone look good, really, at least to an outsider.

    In any case, competition will make all the sites better, so go at it!!

  23. Some backstory:

    “LAist, one of the local New York-owned city blog offshoots, has found a new way to generate buzz about itself. Publisher Jake Dobkin (Gothamist) posted a chart showing LAist has higher traffic than, then ripped them in his comments. He may be upset that Metro Blogging has grown so much bigger than Gothamist, but if it’s tactical the move doesn’t seem very well thought out. Besides using flawed site meter stats to measure popularity, and disclosing that LAist’s numbers are pretty low for a professional site, Dobkin has come in for some mocking in the comments to his post and criticism on other blogs.

    Hiding the evidence: It appears LAist has deleted Dobkin’s criticism and readers’ critical comments about his post. Sean Bonner at reacts, as does Mack Reed at ** Well what do you know: The comment thread is back at LAist…”

  24. What would be really helpful is if someone would be a blog that takes all of LAist’s posts and makes them less boring.

    Speaking of which, when is somebody going to print an anthology of all those Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf reviews? I just can’t get enough.

  25. I read both and laist… and much prefer
    But posting this piece was clearly evidence of a pissing contest and unnecessary.
    I’d agree with Hilary and say the ten year olds should stop arguing… but honestly, I love the drama.

  26. This might be kind of clever if it actually worked correctly.

    BTW, Sean and Caryn come off as a pair of unhinged harpies in this comment thread.

  27. “Maybe someone can build a greasemonkey plugin that alters the editorial voice of the _ists to anything other than a lobotimized grandma.”

    That’s one of the funniest lines I’ve read in a long time.

  28. I’d think it would be a policy not to take someone’s refusal to blogroll you personally. ignored a request to blogroll me (although they’re in mine), but I’m not upset about it – it’s the choice of the folks who run the site..

    I still like the site, even if it sucks that I can’t leave my URL in the comments!

  29. I’d just like to point out that SF Metblogs has been in our blogroll since we started SFist, and I’d like to think that the half-dozen or more metblog contributors I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with don’t hate us — I certainly enjoy their company. If there’s a ‘no linking to metblogs’ policy, Jake never told me about it. Hell, Jason D approached me about a co-sponsored happy hour.

    In the words of one LA denizen, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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