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Picture-11.jpgI jumped on the Internet Movie Database to grab a link to Last Days (or, as I like to call it, Last Days and Days and Days) and damned if I’m not greeting (er…”greeted”) by the smiling, baby-face of our own Wil Wheaton, who is, apparently, 33 today (or, as I like to call it, a long, long way from checking the 40+ box on the SAG sign-in sheet).

So congrats on being the IMDb poster child for July 29th, but more importantly, happy birthday, Wil. Hope it is/was a good one.

2 thoughts on “b.la BD on IMDb”

  1. OYEZ!!!! OYEZ!!! Oyez!!!!!
    MI Lords , MI LAdies , and all ordinary folk , gather round , For I have News of great importance to IMpart.

    Whereas Wil Wheaton was born on this day many years ago ,

    And whereas WHil Weaton has brought forth much entertainment even for the Town Crier ,

    Let it be known that we celebrate his BIrthday ,

    and let the word go forth that all who read this must buy Whil Wheaton gifts at no cost spared and thus on the Blogosphere, in Los Angeles, by being recognized in my role as the Downtown Los Angeles Town Crier , by the City of Los Angeles, on the blogosphere ,we make this Wil Wheaton blogosphere day.
    and may the Universe preserve WIl Wheaton
    May the Universe preserve our beautiful City of the Angels

    and these the UNited States of America!!!!!

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