A Magnet For Accidents, Part II…

You know, here I was joking around yesterday about being an accident magnet, and earlier this morning I was as almost the victim of an accident. I was driving in the slow lane on Rossmore and headed south towards Beverly, when a black Honda Civic to my left nearly plowed right into my car while trying to switch lanes.

As I quickly swerved to avoid getting hit, I let out an audible “Whoa!” and felt the adrenaline rush kick in. Is it really that difficult to look *before* you change lanes?

2 thoughts on “A Magnet For Accidents, Part II…”

  1. Yeah, that stretch of Rossmore’s kinda tricky at times. There’s a couple of left-turns that can be made, and (of course) people making those turns don’t indicate until the last possible moment (if at all), so there’s a mad scramble to get into the right lane to go around them. To make matters worse, after 9AM there’s parked cars in the left lane that make it a bit of a slalom course.

  2. err… “…parked cars in the left lane…” should read “…parked cars in the right lane…” — sorry!

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