The Beautiful People…

2005_07_28_bentley_twins.jpgThis morning, I saw an article on USA Today that covered the launch of

Officially launching Thursday, the networking site is the electronic equivalent of the junior high cafeteria, with the popular kids ó i.e., members ó voting on whether to offer seats to the hopeful hordes. Which means that unlike other online communities such as Friendster and Thefacebook, BeautifulPeople functions more like an invitation-only social club.

The criteria are shamelessly superficial: a recent photograph (bikinis and bare biceps encouraged) and body statistics. Is your six-pack more of a two-pack? The site also accepts “people with personal/professional qualities that stand out from the majority” ó like “Sandhill,” an entrepreneur with a goofy grin who says his income is $1 million-plus.

An applicant’s photo and profile is posted for three days. Members grade candidates of the opposite sex (to avoid Mean Girls-style competition) on a four-point attractiveness scale, from “Yes! Certainly!!” to ó ouch ó “No! Not at all!”

But this reminds me of, where yes, you (if you’re a guy) can date former Hugh Hefner favorites (and L.A. residents) Sandy and Mandy Bentley. But that is, of course, if you’re presumably pretty enough for them. (Somehow, I don’t think any of the Slashdot crowd need apply.)

UPDATE: is apparently only compatible with Internet Explorer, but geeks know Firefox is the beautiful browser.

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  1. This whole thing – voting only by those who started and deemed themselves “beuatiful” reminds of the junior high lunch table where the supposed cool kids sat. It proves the kids have never grown up!

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