Road Rage Insults…

Given the nature of my commute, it’s inevitable that I’ll run into more than my share of loonies. Hell, it’s certainly made for a lot of great videoblogging fodder.

But one thing that I’ve found myself being entertained by are the reactions that friends of mine have had to these other drivers.

Hell, I will admit to levelling some rather boring insults towards them (but usually in a talking-to-myself fashion and always with the window up) such as “idiot,” “moron,” “asshole,” “ass clown,” “fucker,” “shithead,” and “shitstain,” but they’ve also degenerated to the more entertaining “turd bucket” and “cum bubble” on occasion.

On the other hand, one friend is fond of saying this particular word: “DIE.” I suppose it’s simple, direct, and to-the-point!

4 thoughts on “Road Rage Insults…”

  1. My favorite advanced profanity usually reserved for people that cut me off while merging or refuse to let me in is particularly vulgar, but has a nice ring: “cum-gargling fucktard”

  2. I like “asshole,” because there’s no mistaking what you’re saying, even with the window up.

    I had a friend who used to pull up next to the offender and ask, “Drive much?”

  3. Let’s see which profanity Koga uses on me after I say this:

    Wow Koga, you didn’t use the word “Treo” once in this blog entry!

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