Help Wanted: Tax Prep / Accounting Assistance

We’re looking for someone to help out with the books at sixspace. “The Books” being all things financial including balancing afore mentioned books, sales tax, and state/federal tax prep. Ideally we’re looking for someone who already does this kind of thing for some other companies, can swing by the gallery once or twice a month to pick up paperwork and maintain it on their own and can provide references. Competence is as important as speed, and we need someone who can work with us and with our deadlines. We’re fairly gun shy about this position having hired people in the past who have not only failed to help, but actually caused more problems that we then had to clean up so we will really be looking for the right fit, not just anyone who can do the job. This person must primarily be a Macintosh user, but familiarity with the art world isn’t that important. It’s the numbers we need help with. Please send resumes and references to sean (AT)