Earth Harp in Malibu this weekend


The MASS Ensemble group is putting performances this weekend at the Wright Organic Resource Center. MASS stands for Music Architecture Sonic Scuplture and they have built the Earth Harp, a large scale architectural stringed instrument. How it works:

On an outside plaza, the strings of the Earth Harp travel from the plaza level and attach to the roofline and architecture of the surrounding buildings. The Earth Harp is played using rosin covered, cotton gloves. The performers run their fingertips along the long strings to generate a longitudinal vibration that literally pushes the music through the molecules of the string.

This looks totally awesome. Not only do I love the idea of the Earth Harp, but the location of the performance is on my absolute favorite road – Piuma Canyon. I’ve been know to have an adventure or two on it.

My friend Heather Joy, tells me that Wright Way is an amazing place views of the ocean all around and home to a cool unfinished Frank Lloyd Wright building. I believe her because I’ve driving right by this spot and gawked at the strangeness of the landscape. I’d go, but I’ll be out of town. You should all go and get tickets immediately!

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  1. I saw them twice at Coachella last year. The harp is effing amazing and the musical accompaniment is top-notch. Check them out if you have the chance, seirously.

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