Burning Women at Burning Man

Iím going to Burning Man for the first time this year and Iím really excitedÖbut also a little nervous, cuz itís a big undertaking. So when Heathervescent, our newest addition here at blogging.la, joined us last week and mentioned she had been to Burning Man last year, I immediately wanted to meet her and pick her brain. We made a lunch date yesterday and met at one of my favorite places, Caffe, Etc. Itís always fun to meet someone new. Heather has a great POV on life and gave me lots of good tips for surviving at Burning ManÖfrom chapstick to relationships! Welcome to the fold Heather! And if anyone else out there has any good advice for a virgin burnerÖfeel free to lay it on me…

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  1. Hey Tammara,

    My camp will be bringing our art car back to the playa again this year so keep an eye out for it and feel free to jump on whenever you want, as you long as you don’t have a specific destination in mind! : )

    Here is a link to some flicker pics:

    The paint will be slightly different and if all goes well we will have a Ganesh on front instead of the Shiva which was offered to the fire gods last year on the Playa.

    Our camps name is Garage Mahal (no relation to the band). I’ll be on the Playa a little late this year, probably late Thursday or Friday, so if you see the car or camp just ask for Wunder and they’ll point you in the right direction.

    Who are you camping with?

    Scott (aka Wunder)

  2. Scott-
    I love the shiva on the front! And ganesh will be even better! I’m camping with the “Mystical Misfits” and mine will be the only winnebago in the camp. I’m being a baby and taking it easy my first time out. I probably won’t get there til Tues or Weds…but I can’t wait!!!!
    I”ll definately look your camp up …sounds cool.

  3. As a three-time burner (See ancient articles) who’s returning with his two young kids in tow this year, I can tell you two important things: drink water
    drink more waterno, wait, THREE thingsdon’t be afraid to make a complete fool of yourself creatively. You’re at BM. It’s required and encouraged.Maybe it’s four things:Don’t take anything that you don’t want covered with a thick crust of alkali mudYeah. That’s it.

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