More info on Devin Brown

Earlier this year a lot of time was spent around here discussing Devin Brown – a 13 year old shot and killed by LAPD Officer Steve Garcia. The comments on that post were full of back and forth questing the motives of the police, as well as placing blame in both directions. Eye witnesses claimed the office was standing to the side of the car and fired into it, officer Garbia’s statements claimed the car was being driven towards him and he fired in self defense. LA Voice points out that an LAPD re-enactment of the shooting has confirmed the witness reports, that the officer was standing to the side of the car when he shot into it, removing the possibility that he was in danger and shooting in self defense. As Mack said this is “Grim news for LAPD apologists, and worse news for those of us searching for some good reason why a 13-year-old boy should die by police bullets.”