Dearly Beloved

I just found out that a very good friend of mine (whom I’ve known since I was five years oldd if you can believe that I was ever a five-year-old) has just been engaged to her very excellent boyfriend, and I thought I’d take advantage of my access this very public forum to congratulate them with all that’s left of my shriveled, black heart. This isn’t totally off-topic, as they’re both LA-based, and bloggers to boot. The excellent boyfriend has also just finished principal photography on his first movie on location in Big Bear, and unless you’re dead inside you will go see it as soon as it opens and thank me for telling you about it so early on. DJ Qualls is the next big thing. You heard it here first.

3 thoughts on “Dearly Beloved”

  1. wow, reed fish and i thank you for the congrats! yes, dj qualls is da bomb! the rest of the cast rules as well, even though IMDB does not yet have their names. two particularly special words: chris parnell.

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