The Ice Man Does Not Cometh

So against my better judgment, I stop in to do more quick grocery shopping at the 7-11 (albeit a different one with a less heinous line) and damned if they’re not down to THREE, count ’em, THREE bags of ice. I had to walk into the walk-in freezer to retrieve my loot (which wasn’t all bad, considering the heat, but felt vaguely illegal and/or unsanitary).

All I can say is I hope the icemen (icepeople?) are using this cooling trend to get busy with the icemaking.

And that I really, really need a Treo 650 so I can vlog this like Koga.

2 thoughts on “The Ice Man Does Not Cometh”

  1. I once visited two supermarkets and one 7-11 on a July Saturday to buy some ice for a family party. No luck. I had to go a little further away to a Smart & Final to buy ice. My mom almost yelled at me for taking a long time when I got home. At least you were able to find a bag.

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