Sleeper Terrorist Cell in Los Angeles!

Relax, that’s just the title of a news story that just popped up in my RSS reader. Obviously I had to click through and read it, and boy am I glad I did!

It’s a story on Montana News, a site about God, The Bible, Montana and stuff, and is one of the most fascinating things I’ve read all day. Because clearly the people wrote it are insane. Insane in the membrane. It’s the compelling story of Dr. Drake, who in addition to being a Doctor is also a Security Guard, was driving down the Santa Ana freeway when a black SUV drove up very close to him. Clearly this SUV must have been full of terrorists so he waved a revolver at them, always a good idea on the freeways around here, and scared them off… because you know, terrorists are afraid of revolvers. He then went on to tell this harrowing tale via FAX to the “FBI, CIA, DEA, Homeland Security and approximately fifteen Congressman and Senators.” Much to his surprise, none of them have responded, so he’s taking the matter directly to the people via the Montana News. Almost as entertaining as their fear of terrorists is their fear of pronouns – go read the story and you’ll see what I mean.

3 thoughts on “Sleeper Terrorist Cell in Los Angeles!”

  1. hilarious! I’m glad you read it for me, I was about to click on it on losangeles.cityfeeds, but then I saw your post at the top and glad I clicked your post first!!

  2. Bummer! It looks like they’ve pulled the article.

    I was looking forward to a good read, especially the part about waving a gun around on the LA freeway system.

    The Montana News guys probably notice a spike in their server logs and realized that it was bringing unwanted attention (after all, ignorance is needed to believe sometimes :)

  3. Sean, who is afraid to give his name shows his ignorance. It he had enough sense to read he would not mis-quote, no place did it say a weapon was waved, just that it was in sight as required by law.

    And if he knew google he would find a wealth of information on Drake and Gunderson. Not all good but much to show their background in these areas.

    Sean sounds like someone from the Gov. who likes to put out mis-information to cover for the real truth.

    There is a 4 hour + dvd giving a lot of data that Sean obviously has to go blogging rather than get the facts.

    He probably still thinks 911 was right wing inspired.

    Sean and his type were telling everybody prior to 911, just a bunch of kooks, nothing to fear.

    The only thing more dangerous than terrorist are the Sean’s of this world with their head in the sand and blogging to cover for the real problem to come out. God will hold them accountable.

    They too as Madeline Murray Ohare, will bow one day, and as we now know she is “on Fire”,for Jesus, in hell. Keep it up Sean and you too will visit her without Jesus.

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