15 thoughts on “Even NYC hates Uggs”

  1. Hey, that is lame, why hate on people – Uggs are cool for the winter and cool for the beach in the summer, originally worn by surfers for years and only started getting popular lately with trendies.
    don’t hate.

  2. No, Uggs suck 100% of the time unless you live in Alaska and it’s January, then you can get away with them. I don’t care who originally wore them or for how long or where they are most comfortable. They are retarded and anyone wearing them is a complete tool.

  3. My mom would be offended. She bought a pair when we went to Australia a long time ago, but she wears them as houseshoes and only in the winter when it’s cold (well, LA cold). There are a lot of trends I dislike too, but it’s not my money and usually it’s not offensive, so why should I care?

  4. Yeah I mean why hate, I think girls that wear them with a short jeans skirt, long tan legs, look real real fit. I would have thought there would be more openminded views on a blog about L.A.

  5. I don’t know what it IS but Uggs just make me so angry.

    I just can’t help but hate on them; they have some supernatural power the provokes the rage…

  6. Yeah, it’s been a longstanding tradition here on B.la to be anti-Ugg. I find the fact that it and the binary speak (in the comments) have continued to exist here rather amusing.

  7. Uggs became popular in warm weather because women are tired of suffering in stilleto heels. It is a relief to take those damn Manolo’s off and walk around normally without pain.

  8. OK – UGGS are an australian tradition and ever since some american company took them over it has had such a backlash – you have to admit they are comfy… in OZ its winter and I am wearing my uggs now.. I love them for wearing around the house…

  9. Sorry Sean…Uggs actually feel great to wear and hating the way they look won’t make the ‘ahhh! this feels good’ comfort factor disappear. Most of the ‘shit talk’ I hear about them comes from guys, which is amusing to me…is it that they so de-sexualize women? And that is irritating to men?
    ( I worked recently with a guy who labeled them birth control devices because whenever his wife put hers on, he lost all desire) I admit…as footwear, they are really not geared towards giving anyone a hard-on….and I love my ‘come fuck me’ footwear as much as any girl…but when you want to feel comfy, they can’t be beat!!!
    And besides, bashing Uggs is so last year.
    (You do realize we love giving YOU grief about this….right?)

  10. That shirt RULES!

    All the Ugg supporters can go to Alaska and wear their awful shoes there.

    The excuse that they are “comfy” doesn’t fly with me either. LOTS of shoes are comfy. Its not as if the only shoes out there are heels and Uggs. How about some flip flops or running shoes? Anything but Uggs people. ESPECIALLY with skirts.

    Wearing Uggs as house shoes aka slippers is acceptable as long as I don’t have to see them in public.

    Can we get rid of the ironic trucker hat too please?

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