Dead Zone

Everyone has that street they don’t drive down when they are on the phone or a friends house were they can’t get reception, but it’s been fairly hard to get an accurate mapping of where these dead zones are. Until now – enter the Cell Phone Tower Search, pick a city and get a pretty sweet Google Map hack showing you exactly where the towers are, and in many cases which carriers the towers are being used by (here’s the Los Angeles map). From the site:

“Towers are registered with the FCC. We’ve taken the information and
compiled it into a searchable database, and displayed it with Google Maps to
give you a graphical interface to see towers in your area. Unfortunately,
many towers are independantly owned and leased to carriers. Therefore, if
the towers are private, it is not possible to know which carrier or carriers
it is being leased to at the moment.”

Why am I not surprised that there’s no towers within about 5 states of my In-Laws place? [via unwired]

2 thoughts on “Dead Zone”

  1. is it me or does the map of LA seem like it is dramatically incomplete? I mean there has to be more than 5 cell towers in Downtown LA! Also the site has been boingdotted and is loading sloooooow! I should have checked it out when I first saw it on the goggle maps mania blog!

  2. Great idea, but it doesn’t look very useful.

    Information is compiled from the FCC, and may not be all the towers in the area. Carriers are not known for third party towers.

    (For some reason, my comment’s being denied for questionable content because of the word “listed” or something!

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