C.S. Sighting…

My current job is located in the same building as the Screen Actors Guild. Oh sure, it sounds really glamourous, but ironically enough, I haven’t seen very many actors there. (Oh sure, E! is across the street, and a few years ago, Jules Asner was standing next to me, staring at my bleached hair while we were getting our lunches rung up at the register, but that’s another story.) I guess it’s just bad timing on my part.

But that changed today, since SAG apparently had a meeting late this morning (there was certainly a lot of commotion this morning in the lobby when I had initially gotten to work). I had forgotten something in my car, so I went back to retrieve it, and on my way back, I spotted two actresses from CSIJorja Fox and Marg Helgenberger — exchanging pleasantries and on their way to their cars.

(And no, Shane, I didn’t whip out the Treo to vlog the encounter. I decided to leave it holstered to respect their privacy. Imagine me, having manners! What’s wrong with me?!)

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