8 thoughts on “Best of the Web”

  1. “Perhaps most importantly, blogs revive the fine art of discussing ideas–an antidote to one-sided, jargon-filled critics’ pronouncements.”

    Um, abLA couldn’t be more one-sided since the wife shut down comments altogether, no?

    Isn’t this a direct criticism of that policy?
    “WORST: Reader talkback has been discontinued.”

  2. OK Two-Sided, BossHogg, Dumpster Barbie, SoCalorie, Anon, Agent Orange or whatever other fake name the person behind IP feels like posting behind today – that’s it.

    If you want to complain, criticize, or discuss anything you are welcome to do it, but you need to use a real name. I’m sick of you attacking people without having the guts to admit who you are.

  3. Then to answer your question, no. Blogs are discussions if they have comments or not. The reason is you can go set up a blog and make a post linking to a post on blogging.la and BANG we’re having a conversation, even if not through comments on my site. Also, Forbes pointed out there’s no comments on abLA so what are you accomplishing by pointing it out again? And calling someone “the wife” isn’t very respectful, nor a good way to proove you are trying to have a conversation, not just throwing around criticisms.

  4. Thanks for the answer. Apologies if you found the question disrespectful. Either way it’s a wonderful acknowledgement from the MSM!

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