Riding (okay, maybe crashing in) the Waves

Yea!!! I learned to surf this weekend!!! After years of wanting to get up on a board, this weekend I decided it was too damn hot to sit around, so I took the plunge. What a blast!!!!
After posting about it here in June, 5000! told me about a cool place to check out, Yoga Surf Camp. It combined two things I love…yoga and being in the water. I woke up early on Saturday morning, totally psyched that I was gonna be on a surfboard soon. At 7:30 am ten of us would-be surfers met up at the beach in Venice with Marne Semick, the founder of the operation. She had us out on the beach doing downward dogs in no time. It was a sweet way to start the day. Starting early was great, because we could actually do yoga without getting hot!. Then after an hour of yoga, Matt, our surf instructor showed up. He had us practice our technique on the sand and then we hit the waves. It was a perfect day, gentle surf and warm water. Matt was really great about helping us get focused and after three pretty comical tries I actually stood up! Just for three seconds before I was knocked down underÖbut stillÖ I got up! Finally, after an hour or so I actually rode a wave to shore. Very cool! I talked to Marne afterward and she put this together because as a yoga instructor, she felt that yoga and surfing is a perfect match. You have be totally present, in the moment and you are swept up in something that requires you surrender to the experience. I was a little nervous at first, but canít wait to go again. That feeling of soaring and being swept along by the power of thee ocean is truly magical.

3 thoughts on “Riding (okay, maybe crashing in) the Waves”

  1. that sounds totally awesome. throughout four years living in santa barbara i would never even want to go in the water, not to speak of surfing. but you just made it sound fun. perhaps the yoga adds a good element. congrats.

  2. yeah, it was awesome. I highly recommend it. The yoga did make you relax and ready to get in the water.

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