Loving LA Traffic

Everyone gripes about LA traffic, itís just one of those given things regardless of whether you are from LA or not. Iíve never had this sentiment. Maybe it was because I learned my traffic patience on 880 in the Bay Area. However, I do get tired of LA traffic, especially when I end up traversing the city a couple days in the row at 4:30 in the afternoon.

There are things that make the drive worthwhile. First off, it is really important to have a car you love. And you donít have to have a cushy job to necessarily buy one. The next important thing is to have great music and a good stereo system. The third thing you need to have is a sense of adventure. Itís good to have a basic understand of the layout of the city and a map handy.

Because the same route leads to boredom, donít be afraid to mix it up. Why stay stuck on the 10 from Santa Monica to Silverlake when you have Wilshire, Olympic, Venice or Santa Monica Blvd to choose from? Why traverse the 405 when there is Playa del Rey and that ocean front road that goes down to Manhattan Beach. I find it exciting to drive the city streets, convertible top down and good electronica or funky mash-ups on the sub-woofer. The drive becomes an adventure. I see the neighborhoods change, interesting shops. I stop for ice cream. I look at my fellow drivers and make up stories. The people on the street. I make up stories about myself. And although I may arrive home tired and sweaty, I have had an entertaining time, and we still have enough water in LA to take a shower.

5 thoughts on “Loving LA Traffic”

  1. On my first trip from Park La Brea to Manhattan Beach, I followed GOOGLE MAP’S directions.


    That road is Vista Del Mar which becomes Highland in Manhattan Beach.

    That’s the *only* way we go now.


  2. I totally agree. Driving, to me, means daydreaming and rocking out. I just wish I had more time in my day to take the back roads. It always seems that I am rushing to get somewhere lately… arg.

  3. Traffic is like the weather. It’s a complete waste of energy to complain about it because there is nothing you can do about it. You can only adapt to it, and those who adapt well, live well.

    Overall, traffic is a sign of economic vitality which we all benefit from in one way or another. Traffic means more people are employed and making a living, and for us whiners on the Westside, traffic means our property values are going up.

  4. Traffic has become a bit more fun for me again since I just got an iPod. The music is great, but being able to Podcast things like last week’s This American Life, play it when I want, pause it for minutes or hours at a time…well it’s like having TiVo. Revolutionizing the way I listen to radio.

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