3 thoughts on “False Alarm”

  1. Well, being someone who works in Union Station, these scares are becoming a fact of life. We’ve had two total evacuations in two weeks.

    BTW, if I would like to post an article on the state of security in the Metro system to blogging.la, should I have it posted to an URL, or can I ship it to one of you to be reprinted here, with brevity of course…?

    Thx in advance.

  2. Yeah, on my way home today four bomb squad SUVs went speeding by me. I half expected to see something on the news, but no, just another scare. Thank god we won the fight against terrorism!

  3. Back in NY, I lived *right* *next* to the Empire State Building. (And right above one of the larger Subway station in The City)

    You never really get used to evacuations, alarms, and the site of heavily armed police and military outside your front door.

    But we can’t really complain about it, because then the terrorists win.


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