Chivalry’s Not Dead (With A Twist)…

This morning, on my way to work, the driver in front of me on La Brea stopped his car at an intersection (that doesn’t have a traffic signal or a stop sign) to let an old lady walk across the street.

But the twist was that the driver also pulled his car into the lane to our right, preventing the SUV that was next to us from continuing to barrel down the street.

4 thoughts on “Chivalry’s Not Dead (With A Twist)…”

  1. Moves like that get people killed… and I’m not talking about the SUV coming down the right lane. My wife does this exact “good samaritan” routine quite often with the EXACT same result: pedestrian wanders out into the path of oncoming traffic while impatient clueless driver pulls around car stopped in the middle of traffic for no apparent reason…

    morale of the story (imho)? DON’T DO IT!!! you can get someone killed.

  2. Aren’t you by law supposed to stop to let people cross the street even if there is no stoplight or sign or crosswalk? I always do after watching the LAPD sting operation where they sent a guy in a 7 foot tall bunny suit crossing the street and busting people for not stopping on the news….

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