Pulp-y summer heat, pulp-y summer roads

killers_sml.jpgThe good news is that I think we have the perfect summer show up and running at Evidence Room. (DISCLAIMER ALERT: while I have zero financial interest in the theater, I am a company member.) It’s short (one act, about 70 minutes), it’s L.A.-pulp (meaning funny and creepy-alive in equal measures) and it’s pretty much a home run from all production angles, acting included.

The bad news is if you live in Silver Lake and you want to take Alvarado home after the show, you are up the proverbial creek w/o a paddle. They’re doing some kind of construction on Temple which has the traffic down to a single lane in each direction, and they hold the incredibly backed up traffic even longer for the slow-moving earth-moving equipment.

Kind of a buzzkill, but I’m still recommending the show. Come onĂ³70 minutes! And it all takes place in air-cooled comfort!

@ Evidence Room (in beautiful HiFi)
2220 Beverly Blvd (@ Alvarado)
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Through August 27
Friday/Saturday/Sunday at 8pm
Reservations: (213) 381-7118
Tix $15-20