Hot hot heat

Since it’s been heating up lately, I’ve found myself facing my annual challenge: how do I cool off my loft? I live in a very large space with 16 foot ceilings, and since I can’t put in central air in this unit, I have to try and find the best way to cool off without completely emptying my wallet. I’d purchased a large window air conditioner in the fall, so that’s running, but since the space is so big I still have to contend with fairly balmy temperatures. So, I traipsed over to Home Depot to pick up a few fans that I intended to strategically place on each floor to attain maximum air circulation. Alas, Home Depot was sold out of both air conditioners and fans.

Now, I’ve noticed that this happens every year, moreso at Home Depot and the like than at stores like Target, but in the summer, everyone seems to be completely sold out of fans. Don’t you think they’d catch on and start ordering more? Especially in a neighborhood like mine, which has a lot of old buildings (i.e., no central air). I just find it odd that the guys at the Home Depot down the street don’t say, “hmm, it gets hot every year in mid-July and we get flooded with requests for of air conditioners and fans – maybe we should put in an extra order ahead of time!”

In any case, since my oscillating fan is broken, I’m on the hunt for a new one. Has anyone seen a store that’s not sold out, preferably in the Lincoln Heights or downtown area? I’d also like any tips people may have for cooling down large spaces, especially if they’re inexpensive!

8 thoughts on “Hot hot heat”

  1. Kathleen! I just grabbed a pretty good (and CHEAP) fan from the K-Mart across from the Farmers Market. (3rd x Fairfax)

    They had quite a few fans left…

  2. Wal-mart was also out of fans, not that I support them. We found some at Target

  3. You also might want to check out some other less obvious stores like staples or office depot. You can order online and they’ll tell you if it’s in stock and deliver the next day if you fulfill the minimum order (usually like $50).

  4. does anybody know where to find a good portable air conditioner? fry’s in burbank (and even fountain valley) was sold out.

  5. Kathleen-
    for a loft… SWAMP COOLER…relatively inexpensive in the long run and it will change your life. i know quite a few people in the brewery that have installed them. you might want to ask around there.

  6. Always amazes me in Florida too… well, it’s hurricane season, maybe we should lay in some extra plywood…

    why would we do that?

    Maybe so we could SELL MORE STUFF????

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