Part of the fun of HBO’s Six Feet Under is trying to spot familiar Los Angeles area locations within each episode. Tonight’s episode (which, holy freakin’ crap, btw!), had a scene at a local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf that I tried desperately to identify. No luck. I have spotted some familiar turf in past seasons however, and remember finding myself oddly thrilled to discover a strip mall near my old apartment flash by in the background of a car scene way back in Season One. You’d think I’d have stopped caring about such silly stuff after living in Los Angeles for ten years and working in TV and Film and all, but I guess I still get a little charge out of seeing places I recognize (or live near) on TV and in the movies.

Also, I hesitate to say too much about tonight’s episode. At one point about halfway through, I told my wife, “This show is actually kind of starting to bug me.”

Then, in the second half of the show (more near the end, I guess), I changed my mind.


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  1. OMG, I missed the episode and now am dying to see the replay. Arrrgh.

    I do the “spot things in L.A.” deal with movies and TV shows ALL THE TIME. A lot of things are filmed on the grounds of the complex where I live, or nearby, and sometimes it makes it hard for me to suspend disbelief. For example, car chases – they turn onto the 1st Street bridge and then the next turn puts them in Echo Park – yeah. Drives me bonkers.

  2. Shane, I’ve never seen Six Feet Under, but I spotted a few familiar locations in the movie “Valley Girl” tonight, as my friend and I watched it on DVD. (It came out in ’82, so we didn’t recognize much.)

  3. The episode on Six Feet Under last season where the boy in the 1970s jumps off the roof while on acid was filmed right outside our gallery! In fact, when he’s landed dead on the car you can see our windown wall that faces the parking lot. Only thing cooler was an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm when Larry David is buying drugs and it’s literally a step away from the gallery front door and you can see our car in the background. Of course, filming near your business is a monsterous pain in the ass but it’s so much fun to see it on screen. This is another reason why I love the Shield – Silver Lake sitings. Ok, I watch a ton of tv for someone with no tv.

  4. This seems to happen to me all the time (recognizing a familiar place on TV). I live in San Pedro, which is apparently some kinda film-crew magnet. I think it has something to do with being part of the City of LA. I don’t see Pedro on TV every day, but it sometimes feels that way (especially when I’m out of town!).
    I keep thinking about starting a blog in the vein of 1947project, except contrasting screencaps from movies w/ photos of those places “in real life”. Sorta like a crappier version of this:

    But I’m much too lazy…

  5. …and as i was watching tonight i was thinking that it was a lame and boring episode…til’ the end…woah is right. i’ll watch it again and try and figure out what coffee bean that is. i cringe whenever some of my favorite places appear on entourage…i was so pissed that tonight Vince had dinner at Drago…another of my favorite restaurants that I thought had been long forgotten by fickle angelenos.

  6. Shane-

    Here’s a start:*gsp*

    can you figure out what goes in that space?

    Ghost World is next. Shitty pix coming soon.

    BTW, what would be a non-spammy (lvjrnl, blgspt) free-type place for a blog like that?

  7. I’m disappointed in Joz for not chiming in, because I finally watched that episode last night and that Coffee Bean is in the bottom of her office building on Sunset and Vine. It’s the “House of Blues” Coffee Bean.

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