Water in the streets

I’ve been living in LA/the suburbs since I was born and am still surprised when I see certain things. I’m used to men walking around the neighborhood pushing carts with paletas (ice cream on a stick, but more rectangular than a popsicle) and fruit vendors on the street. Drinking lots of ice cold water or eating a paleta under our shady tree was one of the best ways to deal with the oppressive San Gabriel Valley heat. (Sidenote: I would really like a lime paleta or cold mango slices with chile powder.)

Yesterday, as I traveled south on Sepulveda, I noticed young men in the street amidst stalled cars. At first I didn’t know what they were doing, but then I noticed them holding small bottles of water. That’s definitely the first time I’ve ever seen someone sell water bottles in the streets to motorists. I saw the guys sell a couple bottles, so it seemed like business was going well. I guess you gotta stay hydrated in this heat, even on the commute home.

One thought on “Water in the streets”

  1. There’s people selling water on Glendale/Alvarado all the time. I always wonder where they get it? CostCo? But man, in the summer heat, they’re almost irrestible.

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