The Vanity Project

steven_green.jpg I hesitate to post this because I am mostly selfish about sharing information regarding in-store appearances, but of course I can’t be selfish. I want to promote a musician I happen to really respect and enjoy. So against my better judgment (if you crowd me out of a good sight line I will hex you with a Furnunculous Curse), I’ll let you in on a little secret. Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies (check out their blog), will be performing a very intimate in-store appearance in support of his recently released solo album, The Vanity Project. Teaming up with Stephen Duffy (of Lilac Time) for this release, Page will be performing at Tower Records in The Sherman Oaks Galleria this coming Monday, July 25th at 6pm.

More info here.

I have a special bond with BNL (at least, in my mind). A little known fact about me:

I was the Toastmaster for the 2001 Great Guinness Toast, which was performed onstage live via Pay Per View at the, you guessed it, Barenaked Ladies show at Roseland in NYC. They are an amazing group of guys and Steve Page is a rare talent. If all you know is their hit “One Week,” you are really missing out.

Treat yourself to an awesome, FREE in-store appearance which is guaranteed to make you a fan.

See you there!