Fresh Fruit?

OK, so everyone knows someone who has a fruit tree, and sometimes they pick it, but sometimes the fruit just falls off. Well what if all that fruit ended up in the hands of someone who needed it? The folks at Fallen Fruit are trying to convince the city that rather than ugly landscaping they should line parking lots and public areas with fruit trees so everyone can grab a free pear here and there. In the mean time they are collecting info and posting it of where there’s fruit trees around town (as far as I can tell, even private ones) so that anyone can go and snag a bag full of figs. They have Maps, a Manefesto and even breaking news. The current Fruit Alert has info on plums and oranges in Silver Lake. I’m not sure I’m willing to go as far as to suggest people should go swipe fruit from their neighbors trees but the idea of more fruit trees on public land doesn’t sound too terrible.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit?”

  1. I love the idea of public fruit trees to help stop hunger. However, have you ever grown fruit? If someone came into my yard and ripped off my figs or blood oranges, I’d fucking come after them with a shovel. Unless of course, they knocked and asked because they were hungry. Then I’d kindly give it to them. (funny how just the act of asking changes the dynamic)
    I don’t think it’s right to post about private trees for people to harvest from…. kind of encourages a person to just take. Maybe it’s the difference between someone asking you for your spare change and ripping off your wallet. It gives all involved a choice.

  2. Back when I was doing the starving artist thing (1992), I snatched a couple of grapefruit off a neighbor’s tree. Nasty, foul-tasting, food poisoning-induced mistake. You gotta be careful.
    On the other hand, I now own a house with an avacado tree that’s getting ready top deliver 300+ tasty avocados. Go figure.

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