They should call it the 7-HUNDRED-11

The best thing about working for a commercial production company is really good free lunch (okay…and air-conditioning). The worst thing is driving home at 10pm and realizing you have no food for the rest of the weekend, starting with now.

So you decide to spend some of that good commercial money on a**hole tax, and stop off at the super-speedy 7-11 to get some eggs at a premium, but pronto. Only for some reason, everyone in town has chosen THIS minute and THIS 7-11 to do their weekly grocery shopping.


To hell with it. Next time, I’m stopping at Vons.

One thought on “They should call it the 7-HUNDRED-11”

  1. wait, you’re saying I shouldn’t do grocery shopping at a 24-hour connivence store? What have I been thinking all these years? I mean they have sushi AND corn dogs… what else do you need?

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