Less Rice Rockets?

2004_08_03_ricer.jpgIs it just me or are there less rice rockets on the road these days?

Are these drivers finally smartening up to the fact that their rides look ridiculous, or am I not driving through the right part of town to see them?

I’m almost sad that I don’t see them anymore because they make for such great blog fodder.

8 thoughts on “Less Rice Rockets?”

  1. every time i see a car with a big-ass spoiler, i imagine that somewhere there’s a plane missing its tail wing that can never land.

  2. That spoiler is awesome, but this car is pale in comparsion to the Honda Del Sol Wing with R2 in the back and the Computer Key Car. And I thought I had too much free time.

  3. Actually, I saw a gathering of about 100 or so people and apprx. 30-50 cars in the Costco parking lot in Culver City last night about 10pm. Most of them looked like rice rockets. I hadn’t seen a gathering like that for awhile.

  4. Just yesterday some kid with a Scion and a loud muffler tried racing me. It took me a hundred yards or so to realize that we were racing then I kicked his ass. They are still out there!

  5. I love when kids think they’re 98horsepower 4 cylinder engine with automatic transmission needs sport exhaust and that they can beat someone driving something with a manual transmission and higher horsepower.

  6. I was researching how american indians used to decorate their horses and realized that car customizing is a modern version of that. Those cars are awesome, as goofy as they seem sometimes, Im so happy they’re around.

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