Hit And Run Dumbass, Part II…

DSCN0555a.jpgUpdating the entry that I had posted on Thursday about a dumbassed hit-and-run driver, following the jump is a photo-illustrated breakdown of what transpired on June 12th, 2002, near the corner of Wilshire and N. Hamilton in Beverly Hills.

Yellow represents the driver of the red sedan (Driver #1).
Green represents the driver of the green BMW (Driver #2).
Blue represents the police.


1. After the initial accident, Driver #1 surveyed the damage, talked to Driver #2, then headed back to her car, which she had left parked in the middle of Wilshire. Notice that amongst the debris left on the street is her front license plate.


2. Driver #1 then made an illegal U-turn and instead of parking on the other side of the street, she made a right turn and headed south down N. Hamilton, thus fleeing the accident scene!


3. Driver #2 was shocked at what just transpired, then realized that Driver #1 had left her license plate behind! Meanwhile a police officer arrived and Driver #2 picked up the plate and handed to him.


4. Busted! Ha ha ha ha ha!

6 thoughts on “Hit And Run Dumbass, Part II…”

  1. Wow. Besides that being a time lapse lesson in stupidity, that happened right outside my office building! Koga, if you don’t mind me being nosy, what company did you work for?

  2. I worked at an advertising company that on 8447 Wilshire. If you’re familiar with the building, you’ll know which office it is. :)

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