Crash Details

Thanks to everyone who wrote in / commented yesterday about the accident I was in. To answer all the questions – Yes, Caryn and I are safe and unharmed, our car… not so much. What happened was basically someone came to a complete stop on the freeway and caused a chain reaction involving 7 cars. The first two cars in the chain, the ones who seemed to cause the entire thing, fled the scene moments after it happened. The very last car, a pick up truck who rear ended everyone, also took off some time between when we all checked to make sure everyone was OK, and when we all pulled off at the 8th street exit so as not to be obstructing traffic on the freeway. The CHP was there in a few minutes and got statements from everyone. Of the three other remaining vehicles involved, one driver didn’t have a license, one was borrowing a friends car, and one had just recovered from a more serious car accident and this was one of the first time’s she’d gotten the courage to go back out on the road. So yes, this is going to be a big party trying to sort out.

4 thoughts on “Crash Details”

  1. Glad to hear everyone is ok. I saw a horrific accident last weekend on the 405 where an SUV was upside down, people were just getting out of their cars and something had flow over the center divider and smashed the windsheild of a car going the other way.

    The lesson is, be careful — and no matter how careful you are, things can happen.

  2. Just chiming in to say I’m glad to hear everything is okay also. The only thing I hate about driving is that you have to share the road with other people, most of whom are less capable and more accident prone. Good luck with the aftermath.

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