You can go where you want to but you can’t stay here

If you thought the CHIPs and LAPD were humorless, try turning off your engine at LAX departures and getting out of the car!

On an airport run tonight, The Boyfriend made the mistake of unloading his insanely heavy bags from the car and then leaving me to watch them as he hunted down a SkyCap.

Ummm…unh-uh. Within three secondsóno really…THREE SECONDS of TBF walking inside the terminal, I had the LAX traffic cop version of those guys who guard Buckingham Palace in my face. I apologized profusely for my stupidity and lawlessness (in addition to being genuinely sorry, I was also genuinely unable to re-load the 500 lbs.’ worth of baggage back into the vehicle) but he was having none of it. Apparently I was “in violation right now.” (Oddly enough, he would not look me in the face, but stared just off to the side the entire time.)

Fortunately, TBF appeared in the nick of time. I jumped in the car with the briefest of goodbyes, shouted another apology and thanks to the cop for not throwing me in airport jail and sped off. But you know, the damnedest thing was, he never looked me in the eye…not once!

5 thoughts on “You can go where you want to but you can’t stay here”

  1. Unless you’re related to the Governator. I was picking up a friend at the United terminal not long ago. She was coming in from San Jose. The governor’s mother-in-law, Eunice Shriver, came down the escalator and went out to a black Mercedes, which then sat outside baggage claim unmolested by the cops for MORE than an hour. You just picked the wrong parents 8-)

  2. It’s becoming a police-state over at LAX. I feel that the police there are creating many disincetives to fly out of LAX. I’ve been yelled at by officers there and I’ve witnessed countless people being pulled over for the smallest things. I’m a bit worried by their current protocol.

  3. I have to agree– the few times I’ve been bugged by the cops at LAX (admittedly for not paying close enough attention to the rules) they’ve been TREMENDOUS dicks about it. I can’t figure out why– I may not know the whole story, but I can’t imagine this is the toughest beat in the city… a little friendly goes a long way, you know? sheesh.

  4. I’ll go so far as to say Fuck the LAX po-lice. I had one of them wave my girlfriend off after she pulled up to pick me up, right as I was walking out the door. I started yelling at him to wait because I was right there and he looked right at me while he continuted to threaten my gf until she left. So, I went out and told him how impolite he was while I waited for my gf to pull back around and he completely ignored me and wouldn’t even look at me. Then, as we were pulling away, he walked up to the window and started trying to yell at me. F those guys.

    I’ve written about this before, but if cops don’t want to get a bad rap then they shouldn’t do rude, selfish, shitty things to people.

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