Virtual Metro

mta072105.jpgIn my friend Carmen’s recent blog entry about her trip to jury duty, she mentions a cool part of the MTA website that I never noticed before: an interactive map.

If you’re trying to get somewhere, the trip planner is more useful, but this Flash map is fun to play with. Click on a station’s name to see a photo and find out the name of the person who designed the art there. Some of the stations have pretty crazy decor, and this is an easy way to peek into lots of them at once. (My favorite so far: the metal palm trees at Hollywood and Vine.)

And in case you’re wondering, the MTA says they’re heightening security in the wake of the London attacks. Not to the point of bag searches like the NYC subway system, but they do offer a few security tips including this one:

DONÔøΩT FORGET to take your personal belongings with you when getting off a train or bus. When you forget that backpack, lunchbox, purse, briefcase, not only have you lost it, but that same item could be mistaken for a suspicious package and end up DELAYING THOUSANDS of other traveling customers.

Seriously. If I saw someone leave a package behind, I’d probably freak the hell out.