Something’s unfolding in Hollywood…

Helicopter(s) overhead.
Streets closed down.
Cops on the top level of the parking structure next to Ballys.
Person in black lying on the roof of Ballys.
Cops pointing guns at him/her.
Newscameras coming.

UPDATE: The person is not dead. He(?) got up and is walking around. I heard (but didn’t see) that the cops apprehended him.

I didn’t see any LAFD, so I can’t call on Brian Humphrey to clue us into what’s going on… does anyone know?

I’m SO not going to the gym anytime soon. (Not that I’ve been there in a while, but still…)

(Click picture for full-res photo. P.S. – Warning… GIANT POP UP PHOTO! Thanks to David Kurtz for resizing/diagramming the photos for me. No photoshop on laptop means big giant pictures. Sorry for that.)

Notice the two choppers, the situation unfolding on the roof of Ballys (close up of the boxed area below), the cops on the roof of the Ballys parking structure, and the cop blocking off the street at Selma/El Centro.

Here’s a close-up of the situation. See the guy lying on the roof of Ballys on the left and the cop pointing a gun at him on the right?

Original GIANT photo here

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  1. I think it would be cool if 6255 Sunset could get up and walk around on giant chicken legs and see some other parts of the city. It’s not that interesting things don’t happen elsewhere. It’s just that here you’ve got OCD bloggers with cameras and a vantage point.

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