Hit And Run Dumbass…

One of the past companies I worked at was located near the corner of Wilshire and La Cienega, directly across the street from Flynt Publications. For some reason, accidents would occur with surprising regularity at the intersection just east of there, at Wilshire and N. Hamilton.

The fact that three of the cars involved in Sean and Caryn’s accident actually fled the scene(!) reminded me of an accident between a BMW and another sedan a few years ago at that particular intersection. While the driver of the BMW parked her car and waited for the police to arrive, the driver of the other car parked on the other side of the street, got out, checked out the scene, walked back to her car, and *drove off*!

The best part?

There was a good amount of debris left from the accident, which included the runaway driver’s *front license plate*! Whoops!

I went downstairs and talked to one of the cops about it, and he said they were in no hurry to drive over to her house later in the evening! I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation!

Actually, that reminds me, I snapped a couple of photos of this accident and the runaway car after the accident happened, so I’ll post an update tonight.

2 thoughts on “Hit And Run Dumbass…”

  1. Same story with a twist: A friend of mine once got t-boned in an intersection (not her fault) and the dude fled the scene, not realizing that his license plate was no longer on his front bumper, but rather stuck to my friend’s passenger side door.

  2. And people bitch and complain why auto insurance in LA cost so much… And yes I work for an auto insuarnce company :).

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