In case you missed the news, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is the new owner of Santa Monica-based MySpace. I would’ve linked to the original NYT article, but it’s locked behind a paid-content system. Bastards.

Update: Thanks to commeter BEOPENGUIN for pointing out the Yahoo story. Sometimes I forget Google News isn’t the only place to search for news articles! :) Also, according to the LA Times, Murdoch parodies galore have sprung up on MySpace.

4 thoughts on “FoxSpace?”

  1. Yay for not using a computer that’s victim to spyware!

    Sad about the content control though

  2. Hey, my name is being posting online with the requisite link to the Megan’s Law website. This is a good day. (I’m only kidding folks…they never link to that stuff). You’re welcome!

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