3 thoughts on “Ask MetaFilter: Where to eat in LA?”

  1. I never know exactly what to do when I read a recommendation for a place that you think is awful (Islands!?) and you’re screaming, “No!!!” at the computer, but it seems awfully rude to write a comment telling readers to not follow this guy’s advice. Well, I guess we all have different tastes and opinions… that’s what makes the internet so cool. But Los Angeles finest… Islands? — yuch.

  2. Pinks is great! What are you talking about? I don’t buy into hype, and I don’t like standing in lines, but when I finally waited one late weeknight, sat down with a buddy and bit into that dog, I said, “wow. now I know why there’s a line.” If there are better dogs in L.A., please do tell, because I’d prefer not to wait 20 minutes just for a hot dog.

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