Mr. Carradine, please check your gas cap

In order to beat the heat Caryn and I spent the evening on Coop’s couch watching the MythBusters Shark Week Special and listening to stories of the days adventures, which in this case included a freeway spotting of David Carradine with his gas cap open. Mr. Jalopy tells the story:

Carradine.jpg“…we spotted this black Ferrari Mondial with the gas door open and no license plates. I pleaded to catch up so I could take a photo. The case could be made that there is no bad Ferrari and that argument could hold water if it were not for the Mondial…

So, who owns a Mondial? With the gas door open? Without plates? A $15,000 car that requires $6,000 tune ups? David Kung Fu-Fucking Carradine! My camera is not discreet and when he saw me taking his picture, a look of pure hate washed over his face. As if I asked if I could take a crap in his hat!”

2 thoughts on “Mr. Carradine, please check your gas cap”

  1. Mondials are going for 15k (I know it can’t be a typo for “150k”)? Depreciation is a bitch!

    Like to see a “Dave Chappelle/Rick James”-type skit with Mr. Carradine as the subject. Carradine was rumored to have been a little obnoxious in the 70’…”Cocaine is a hell of a drug” :)

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