Keep It Cool

Okay, so it’s hot. And it looks like it might stay that way for a couple of days….and hey, it’s summer, so it may be hot for months. My favorite ways to beat the heat:
Oh yeah, baby…An afternoon movie at Arclight. Stopping in at Baskin Robbins. For some reason, they really keep it arctic cold in there. Catch up on grocery shopping with a long leisurely stroll through the aisles of Ralphs. Grab a choco-banana-espresso smoothie at Caffe, Etc. And of course, hit the beach. Why live in LA if you don’t bogey board at least once a week in the summer?
What’s your favorite ‘cool off’ trick?

4 thoughts on “Keep It Cool”

  1. Drive down to Encinitas to enjoy the clean(er) beaches, enjoy the sunset, and watch the waves glow after dusk due to the bioluminescent particles (from the Red Tide).

  2. Funny…I was thinking of going down to Encinitas this weekend! Do you know any good places to stya

  3. I like sitting down on the (clean) tile floors at my parent’s house in the San Gabriel Valley. There’s no AC there, so it sucks. Also, relaxing in a hammock under a leafy tree with ice cold water at hand is really nice too.

  4. Wander the desert/chaparal in mid-day… It’s all about showing the heat whose boss. Just make sure you are drinking 1L of water an hour. :D

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