Jillian, a reader who was at the sushi fest happy hour party thingy just send me this note about her kick ball division. Unfortunately I’m buried under a mountain of paperwork and my brain isn’t working right so rather than try to write something witty about it, I’m just going to pass on the details…

“Kickball, as in the elementary school game, but for adults… The Dogtown (Westside) division only has one more pickup game next Thursday here in Venice before the official season starts, and we’d love to get more people to come out and try the game as grownups. The Studio (Hollywood) division is also starting soon. Would it be possible for you or one of the other bloggers to post an entry about it? Here’s some additional info:

WAKA homepage | last week’s L.A. Times story

Pickup for Westside is 7pm on Thursday at Oakwood Rec Center, 767 California Ave, Venice 90291.”

4 thoughts on “Kickball!”

  1. If anyone is interested in playing kickball but doesn’t live on the Westside, WAKA has other Divisions throughout the area.

    The Hollywood Division was the first WAKA league in Los Angeles, and is still the largest. We have
    our first free pick-up game starting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 p.m. at Poinsettia Park in West Los Angeles (corner of Willoughby and Fuller). There will be pick-up games each Wed. until the season starts on August 10. Check out the Web site at

    Or, if you’re a Valley Girl (or Boy), check out the new Studio Division, which plays Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at the North Hollywood Recreation Center. The final free pick-up game is this coming Monday, with regular season play scheduled to start on August 10. You can register and find out more info at

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