I Call Your OC and I Raise You Three Degrassi’s

Lately, the little woman and I have been totally digging on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Unfortunately, after a very scientific investigation (read that as “not scientific at all”) I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the only person in Los Angeles who’s ever even heard of Degrassi Junior High, let alone seen it. There’s got to be somebody else out there that spent countless hours of impressionable teenagedom fixated on PBS, watching Canadian kids talk about going to each others “hooses” to drink and asking questions “aboot” sex and drugs. If you were into the first series and you’re not watching D:TNG, then you’ll just about cream to find out that Snake, Spike, Caitlin and Joey Jeremiah are all onboard, playing their bad grown-up selves. Even more rad, punk-rock teen-mother Spike’s very own baby Emma is a teenager now, and of course is one of the featured kids on the show. Who ever thought we’d be watching Spike worrying about her kid having pre-marital sex?

Anyway, Degrassi is awesome and Noggin knows it. Which is why it’s in pretty much constant rotation, along with another show by the same creators. Which begs the question: With the constant talk about how production is fleeing L.A. because it’s cheaper to shoot in Canada, why haven’t we taken it to the next level and just started buying more existing Canadian shows? Does the rest of Canadian TV suck? Maybe the folks at the Toronto Metblog know.

ADDENDUM: Thanks bunches to fellow bLA writer Lisa who pointed out in the comments that some of cast is going to be at Glendale Galleria on 8/13.

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  1. 5000, I never watched the old Degrassi (I got like three channels when I was growing up) but I love the new version. Serious fans of the show might be excited to hear that some of the Degrassi kids are appearing in person at the Glendale Galleria on 8/13.

    (I swear, I only know that because I write for the-n’s website sometimes.)

    I haven’t seen Instant Star yet. I’ve gotta get me some digital cable!

  2. I freaking LOVED the original Degrassi. LOOOOVED. I watched it obsessively. Remember that one time when that guy told Liz that she got her hair cut by a lawnmower? And that other time that one of the twins was pregnant and needed an abortion? omg. And I looooved Spike, especially that one time when she was pregnant and had to take care of the egg baby.

    Now I’m going to have to watch the new one! Thanks a lot.

  3. How did we never get into conversation about Degrassi!?!?!? I’m addicted to TNG!!!!!!! I’m still trying to make up for the lost time in London!!!

  4. Degrassi is SO huge in Australia. The old version especially. Seasons 1 and 2 are out on DVD – there is nothing better than getting to experience “All the way with Stephanie Kaye” and The Zit remedy again!

    It is good to know that someone in LA knows good TV when they see it! :)

  5. I too watch the original Degrassi and loved it. It was so cheesy and oddly compelling. It was all about that and “Weird TV”.

  6. Degrassi was fun but most Canadian TV sucks.

    Until Stephen Cannell moved into Vancouver with “MacGyver” and “21 Jumpstreet” production values on anything done in Canada were deplorable. Like, really, really bad. Artsy, maybe. Intelligent, perhaps. But impossible to watch.

    Since everything is filmed there now and such a substantial amount of production talent is in the country, I suspect things may be better. I’m not dissing Canada here — it’s just that we aren’t missing any Canadian TV gems…although my mother does swear by some current show called “Corner Gas.”

  7. Obviously you’re not a Kevin Smith fan. He’s a huge Degrassi fan even starred in not only an episode but an entire story cycle for the series.

  8. I’m Canadian, so it goes without saying that I adored Degrassi and am very happy about this entry. “Everybody Wants Something” was, at the time, probably one of the best pop-songs to come out of Canada in a pre-Matthew Good and Our Lady Peace era of music.

  9. 5000! I protest your use of “begs the question”. You meant to say “raises the question.” “Begs the Question” is a term proper to the study of logic; a question-begging argument is one of taking for granted or assuming the thing that you are setting out to prove. The Anonymous Grammar Dick chooses his battles carefully; he cares not a whit for ending sentences with prepositions or for “ain’t”. But because “begs the question” is useful for responding to spurious arguments, he prefers that you refrain from watering it down with casual misuse. Examples here: http://skepdic.com/begging.html

  10. Starz/Encore’s WAM! network is airing another Canadian high school show, Edgemont. It has a few recognizable faces: Kristin Kreuk from Smallville, Grace Park from Battlestar Galactica, and Tyron Leitso from Wonderfalls (and a couple other Wonderfalls guest stars as well). It’s rather Degrassi-esque (or so I hear, I’ve never seen any of the Degrassi shows), not too bad if you’re into low-budget Canadian teen shows. It’s a lot better than Smallville’s last season, that’s for sure.

  11. Awesome. I knew I would find some true believers out there.

    Lisa: Instant Star’s not so great. If you’re a Degrassi fan it’s worth checking out but don’t hold your breath. :)

    Kathleen: Egg baby was one of my FAVORITE episodes. I forgot all about it until you mentioned it.

    Martha: Thanks for the info re: Canadian TV. I’ll have to see if I can hunt down Corner Gas.

    Fred: Who’s obviously not a Kevin Smith fan? Me? Why is that? I’m confused. What does Kevin Smith have to do with anything? I think you’re misreading something there buddy.

    AGD: Take a hike. I’m actually a big grammar freak, and normally I would really appreciate the clarification, but your presentation makes me want to kick you in the nuts. Please stop talking about yourself in the third person. P.S.: Everybody knows that anonymity is for wusses.

    Hooks: Thanks for the tip. I’ll TiVo it.

    I hope you’re all ready to dish about Degrassi at the next bLA get together. I’m going to save up some topics for discussion.

    As for other Canadian TV, has anybody seen Trailer Park Boys? I’ve only seen one episode, but it’s awesomely funny.

  12. We stand corrected and will use the second-personal singular from now on. Please don’t hurt our nuts and don’t shoot the messenger.

    As wussy as we want to be,


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